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We are an online portal that seeks to bridge the divide between advertisers and consumers, by providing an affordable, effective interactive advertising solutions. We are not an investment site and require no investment from our users.

AFROCLIX was birthed out of a sincere desire to provide an affordable advertising service coupled with a hassle free earning opportunity on a global scale.

Can I advertise my product or service with AFROCLIX?

It is hassle free to advertise with us. Click on the "Store" tab for a complete list of advertising options. We accept most mainstream cryptocurrencies as payment.

Can I earn real money with AFROCLIX?

Earning real money with us is genuinely very simple. Check out our "Terms" and if you like them, click on the "Register" tab and complete the form. After verifying your email address, you will gain access to the AFROCLIX Member Area which provides all the earning options of our site. We pay our users via PayPal.

We only have one stipulation: You must complete a minimum of 100 AfroWall Ads, between each cashout.

Can I invite my friends and family to AFROCLIX?

Don't only invite your friends, you can also invite your enemies. AFROCLIX welcomes users from all parts of the globe, as long as they each only register a single account and access our site via a unique IP. 

Can I join AFROCLIX if I do not have an afro?

Absolutely! AFROCLIX membership is open to everyone from every geo-graphical locations, irrespective of their hair style.

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