Greetings from South Africa #1
Posted on 6:23 am 09/07/2018

My name is Llewellyn and I am the admin of I look forward to making new friends and meaningful partnerships as I interact with members and advertisers of this site.

Enjoy and Lord bless.
Re: Greetings from South Africa #2
Posted on 1:19 pm 09/20/2018
hello admin
i wish all best to Afroclix
Re: Greetings from South Africa #3
Posted on 4:42 am 10/04/2018
Bonjour, je commence en afroclix et j'ai un problème au choix de l'image en cliquant un pub. pouvez vous m'aider. Et y a t-il d'autres moyen pour gagner de l'argent en afroclix, pouvez vous m'expliquez un peu! Merci de votre aide
Re: Greetings from South Africa #4
Posted on 4:43 am 10/04/2018
je veux dire afroclix mais pas Afrique!
Re: Greetings from South Africa #5
Posted on 4:17 pm 10/04/2018
@torcidafan, welcome to the family and thank you for choosing

Happy earnings & God\'s blessings
Llewellyn - Official Greeter
Last edited by admin on 4:19 pm 10/04/2018
Re: Greetings from South Africa #6
Posted on 4:18 pm 10/04/2018
Hello @Orima and welcome to,

I used to read your message so I hope that my answer is helpful.

On the Paid to Click section of, you only need to click the matching images to verify that you have viewed the site for the required time.

Other ways to earn include:

AfroGrid - Click random areas on the grid and view the website. After the timer is complete you will be able to know if you won any cash. You have 20 chances a day.
Click Exchange - Very much like Paid to Click but more like a Traffic Exchange that earns you cash and credits for your own links.
Paid to Promote - Promote your PTP at allowed sites for a minimum of 6 seconds and earn cash from every unique view.
OfferWalls - These vary according to the service required, just read the instructions carefully.

We have several other Earning Channels coming soon. Check the "Earn Money" section regularly.

Hope that this was helpful. Thank you for choosing

Regards and God bless
Llewellyn - Head Coach

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